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- by Anubix - 12/10/2004 - 5:58:11 pm
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Anubix12/10/2004 5:59:10 pm
Album. This is a tough one, but this really does look like the cover. Female vocalist.
Anubix12/11/2004 4:03:20 pm
Ok, I dont think anyone will get this one, Its a album I got from a my college radio station for 25 cents when they cleared there library this term. Here is a dead give away hint. This is on Better looking records, from California, and is related to Trembling Blue Stars.
chooch12/11/2004 6:59:41 pm
aberdeen - homesick and happy to be here

(yeah yeah, i used the interweb)
Anubix12/11/2004 9:39:48 pm
yeah, they arent great, but they are good for a spin or two.