Untitled - by Anubix
- by Anubix - 12/23/2004 - 4:44:05 pm
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Anubix12/23/2004 4:45:02 pm
mf12/24/2004 4:01:48 am
explosions in the sky "the earth is not a cold dead place"
kix12/24/2004 1:36:56 pm
i f+++ing do love this band.... all because of u all
mf12/24/2004 5:37:55 pm
:) i feel warm
Anubix12/24/2004 5:43:43 pm
It is 'The earth is not a cold dead lace'...because you are listening. This is the newest album of the three, and its the best.
mf12/24/2004 5:49:31 pm
where u from anubix?
Anubix12/25/2004 7:57:12 am
I'm from Kansas City, Mo. I go to school at Knox in Galesburg IL
tim12/25/2004 12:29:56 pm
I wonder how they got involved with Friday Night Lights.
Anubix12/25/2004 1:21:30 pm
Yeah, I thought about buying the soundtrack, but it looked like such a lame movie, I thought it would make me think less of the band. As anyone heard it? Is it any good?
mf12/28/2004 3:41:15 am
hmm, is that anywhere near chicago?
Anubix12/28/2004 12:16:24 pm
Its three hours south, thats where I go to concerts. I saw Explosions there in October.