Untitled - by turkey
- by turkey - 1/14/2005 - 10:02:27 am
v1- by turkey - 1/14/2005 10:02:27 am
Turkey1/14/2005 10:02:57 am
Kind of a bad rendition, any guesses?
kix1/15/2005 12:57:03 am
mad caddies?
Turkey1/15/2005 5:51:03 am
seeka(26)(1)1/15/2005 10:01:56 am
the normal...warm leatherette.... I now its not but i soooo love this song
Turkey1/15/2005 10:24:01 am
The band starts with a U
23kiddo1/16/2005 4:03:51 am
@seeka ... im listening to that song right now...thats some crazy music!
seeka(26)(1)1/16/2005 8:54:43 am
u kie it? u like it? u like it?
23kiddo1/17/2005 3:04:17 am
uhm i havent decided yet :)
seeka(26)(1)1/18/2005 9:11:37 am
I help you with it.....YOU HAVE TO!!!! OR KICK YOUR LIL ASS!!!...got it?
andy h1/19/2005 3:16:20 am
Unsane...can't remember the album title tho...
Turkey1/19/2005 10:38:31 am
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont remember either