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ad5/10/2005 3:52:30 pm
the other night i dreamt this girl i know was over, and we were digging through all of my drawers trying to find something. i told her to look by herself while i went and took a shower. i came back with just my towel on and i sat down to continue helping her, but i wasn't paying attention, and my balls and penis were hanging out. and all of a sudden jeff koons shows up, thinking that's how i hit on women, and he tells me, 'that is so cliche.'
yanbu5/10/2005 4:21:54 pm
man, jeff koons always shows up and ruins things
lm5/11/2005 2:26:19 am
mic5/11/2005 7:49:42 am
seeka(26)(1)5/11/2005 8:47:40 am
that is soooo brilliant!
yanbu5/11/2005 3:14:16 pm
it's even more brilliant that you are retaining your draw-bands and movie-quiz scores!
|(5/11/2005 11:57:55 pm
hihi ;)
seeka(26)(1)5/12/2005 9:08:56 am
I know...I am still so proud.....I thought several times to delete them....but for some reasons I did not :D
bum cum9/3/2005 7:12:53 am
very funny dream