Nightmare - by Rene Gonzales
- by Rene Gonzales - 6/22/2005 - 5:40:51 pm
v1- by Rene Gonzales - 6/22/2005 5:40:51 pm
Rene Gonzalez6/22/2005 5:54:00 pm
I Started Having This Dream When I Was About 11 Years Old. It Would Come Back Very Often Until It Dissapeared About A Year Later. In This 'Nightmare' I Had A Bird's Eye View Of A Tiny Trailer My Family Used To Live In For Years. For Some Unknown Reason It Was In An Awful Hot Desert. I Would Soar In Circles Around It For A Couple Of Times Before Flying In Through The Top Vent. Inside I Would See A Door To A Pitch Black Room. As I Would Walk Into It I Would Feel A Scary Shiver Down My Spine And Would Immediately Wake Up.
Mbeanis N. Alzin6/27/2005 5:23:04 am
You sound molested