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- by kiddo - 1/2/2006 - 8:22:46 am
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\<1/2/2006 8:23:58 am
ok thats it ive officially lost it.

last night i was making love to robogirl.
seeka1/4/2006 4:43:00 pm
wow nice dream....all is full of Looove....
\<1/4/2006 8:08:14 pm
the thing is...making love to cyborgs was punishable by death (for the humans involved) or being shut down (for the cyborgs involved) so we had to be real careful and silent. but apart from that, yeah full of love. she loved me too, btw, which is sorta strange considerin the fact that she, being a cyborg, didnt have any emotions at all, but yeah. anyways. crazy stuff.
\<1/4/2006 8:09:31 pm
kix just told me that you were prolly referring to a bjork video i dont know, sorry, ungebildet ;)
yanbu1/5/2006 12:54:57 pm
i wonder if there will be sex robots before we're dead and gone? i mean hanging out on corners or on sale at walmart?
\<1/5/2006 4:20:55 pm
i had this discussion somewhere else...i dont know how long its gonna take, but - to use a buzzword - the wonders of nanotech combined with cybernetics and downloadable patches are prolly gon make some weirdo things possible
loopdogg1/6/2006 2:57:04 am
make sure to watch the preview.
Gerold Blankface1/9/2006 9:59:31 pm
By the way, this is an excellent display of talent