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Up North1/25/2005 2:37:11 am
JVB-831/25/2005 8:00:43 am
oh man, what was that called?
Ka-boom!1/25/2005 10:33:53 am
yanbu1/27/2005 12:53:16 am
i have a picture of myself with a broken arm in an arm cast, sitting in front of a television screen with some obscene high score on kaboom - i used to subscribe to the activision newsletter, and they had a high score hall of fame thingy on there. the high score for kaboom was so weak, i beat it easily by 10 times or so and got in the newsletter! they promised to send me a kaboom patch and an activision jacket, and they never did. i am still upset.
Up North1/27/2005 2:11:06 am
I remember seeing ads for those high score patches. Even as a little kid I was pretty sceptical about whether you'd actually recieve one. 20 years later I now know the truth!