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- by unknown - 12/2/2005 - 8:05:22 pm
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\<12/4/2005 4:34:30 am
i dunno who did this, but it sports the same antialisiang thing as ray's drawring up there. how???!!
\<12/5/2005 12:17:00 am
[quote]< 2005/12/5 (Mon.) 00:05:33
well but if you zoom in, it shows pixels of gray around the thinnest line...its pseudo anti-aliasing, granted, but there's something goin on. [/quote]

same here. im thinkin it has something to do with the 'encoding' process tho. i mean when you send a picture, its converted to png, right...n maybe the encoding application handles pictures created on a mac differently?!
seeka12/5/2005 3:19:55 am
well this was send from my MAC
\<12/5/2005 4:57:40 am
thx :)