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- by unknown - 8/2/2006 - 4:27:15 pm
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lamps8/2/2006 4:27:27 pm
yanbu8/3/2006 5:15:30 pm
lamps=great. today while driving home i saw a bird fall off the top of a telephone pole and hit the ground, it just lay there barely moving its wings
naranjon8/3/2006 9:24:54 pm
i saw a guy mowing his lawn in nothing but white hi-tops (circa 1990) and irridescent purple spandex shorts (circa super-tight & short)
naranjon8/3/2006 9:25:59 pm
also a super-fat guy in a tannish corolla or camry who looked like he was poured into the front seat and was partially coming out of the window.
trin9/27/2006 3:48:13 pm
cool stuff