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naranjon8/13/2006 1:21:48 pm
Palestinian gunmen, who identified themselves as members of the Islamic Jihad group, shoot a man in a public square in the West Bank town of Jenin Sunday Aug. 13, 2006. The man, who was executed in front of hundreds of people, was accused by the gunmen of giving information to Israeli authorities, helping them to kill two militants last week in a targeted attack, said witnesses and Islamic Jihad members. The victim was identified as Bassem Malah, 22, who worked in the Israeli Arab town of Umm al Fahm.
cows2flames8/13/2006 1:51:00 pm
i thought i was the only one who bled off-color white.

it sucks that we live in a world where something like that would be dismissed by a shrug.
naranjon8/13/2006 2:52:26 pm
its not blood
esp8/13/2006 9:23:03 pm
the shit`s hitting fan...
mrae8/13/2006 9:33:07 pm
reminds me of Goya
naranjon8/13/2006 11:08:28 pm
or capa? http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/7/7b/Capa,_Death_of_a_Loyalist_Soldier.jpg
mrae8/13/2006 11:33:43 pm
mrae8/13/2006 11:35:03 pm
damn, i keep messing the link up, it reminds me of Goya's The Shootings of May 3rd, sort of the modern version...
seeker8/15/2006 2:28:33 am
Did you all see the other people which were just standing there taking pictures with there mobile-phones? For me that looked not even real...nothing will change ever...I hate that thought.
Gandhi8/19/2006 1:07:38 pm
You have to be the change you want to see in the world.
Joses Falco8/28/2006 1:49:39 pm
bleeding hearts....fact of life: people die everyday, this man was not a. you, b. a loved one, c.anybody important, what impact do you feel on your life besides that you dont sleep quite as easy. Shit happens, get over it.
seeker9/3/2006 4:05:19 pm
You are a hell of a though cookie aren't you Joses Falco?! *g*
GB (Gerold Blankface)12/29/2006 9:50:11 pm
seeing the video of this man's flesh recoiling with eh shots. and how he kept moving signifying death was not prompt, has left a permanant rotten spot on my brain. I am not a better human for seeing it, but it will never leave my soul.

BTW: this is a fantastic draw. you have captured the moment with a disturbing gestural realism.