Untitled - by deerfactory
- by deerfactory - 8/16/2006 - 5:43:20 pm
v1- by deerfactory - 8/16/2006 5:43:20 pm
trin8/16/2006 5:43:57 pm
loopdogg8/16/2006 5:57:01 pm
man, this is nice
cows2flames8/16/2006 6:20:58 pm
very cool, are most of you guys artists by profession, or is this just something you do with your spare office-cubical time?
trin8/16/2006 6:40:17 pm
i am absolutly no artist
esp8/16/2006 8:19:06 pm
i enjoy your art work.
newbie~*8/19/2006 3:46:03 pm
Well I am an artist but I am afraid I am not old enough to be a professional artist yet.