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- by sheep - 6/17/2004 - 7:07:34 am
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sheep6/17/2004 7:09:39 am
Your torch is almost out. You have 30 seconds to act or you will not succeed. What is your next move?
unknown6/17/2004 8:52:16 am
Take the lightbulb if it's not burnt out yet. Then, pick up the tray and take whatever is in the bottom of the toolbox.
mf6/17/2004 9:43:38 am
grab the wire twisties. hopefully there is some wire down in dere. huh, sheep? is there? wire? spool? oh god, 10 secs! maybe put the catsup on the sider for meal time. oh wait, soon burn will be done! damn, 5 sec! i gotta go pottie so bad! maybe toilet paper down there too. poopy now!
sheep6/17/2004 10:33:56 am
You grab the bulb and wire nuts then start to lift the tray just as the torch light begins to flicker out. There is no time to look in the bottom of the tool box now. The final seconds of light are ticking away....TICK, TICK, TICK. You now have 3 choices. Lay down and die, whistle a happy tune or see if you can replace the bulb at the bottom of the stairs before the torch goes black? Well?.....What are you waiting for?
mf6/17/2004 10:54:48 am
replace the bulb while whistling a happy tune. dont forget to bring the rest of the kerosene and shirt to get another torch going in case the light dunna work
sheep6/17/2004 11:28:33 am
Ok, Lets replace the bulb.