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sheep6/18/2004 12:13:40 pm
Oh, and thank you Musashi.
sheep6/18/2004 12:42:17 pm
Our heros name is Ray. Just turning 16 he feels short-changed in life. If things were only different he could live his dream of becoming a criminal investigator. But life did short-change him. His father left the house when he was 6 and never seen again. His mother struggled working two jobs but that wasn't enough to keep the payments up, let alone save up for college. When they moved to the city he hated it. Seemed like everyday he lost another friend to the lure of dealing or stealing. One of his favorite things to do was to sneek out at night during the summer. Roaming the streets sometimes lurking in the shadows observing the dealers and prostitutes. He'd even poke around some of the abandoned buildings pretending to be an investigator solving a crime. The one place he knew not to go was the old mental hospital. Sometimes he'd walk along the massive fence walls gazing up at the dark gray mass. He would think about the disappearance of the doctor and his assistant, while keeping an eye out for Ed. Now back to our show! You try to shut the valve but don't have enough strenght. What now?
unknown6/18/2004 1:32:08 pm
Maybe use the crowbar for better leverage, and push that down with our(?) foot, using leg strength instead?
sheep6/18/2004 1:39:27 pm
Ok, let's try the crowbar.