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- by sheep - 6/18/2004 - 2:47:13 pm
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sheep6/18/2004 2:52:40 pm
Closing the water valve you hear the sound of water rushing away from you. It seems to be coming from underground? You then go to the green door and try to pick it with the paper clip but the lock is too strong. Nobody shows up to save you. Now what? Take a nap on the desk, scream or go back to the tool box?
mf6/18/2004 3:12:55 pm
if i do recall, i had asked to look in the bottom of the toolbox for wire. but the fire went out. what happened with that??
sheep6/18/2004 3:18:11 pm
Yes, but you had to go replace the bulb because the torch was going out. Lets go back to the tool box.