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- by sheep - 6/20/2004 - 1:29:42 pm
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sheep6/20/2004 1:32:26 pm
Using your foot on the crowbar you lift the cover. Peering down inside you see what looks like water at the bottom of the tunnel. What now?
jobe6/20/2004 2:25:36 pm
is there any way to light the lantern and look further down?
mf6/20/2004 3:31:55 pm
there has to be a way to temporarily mend the leaking lantern.
sheep6/20/2004 4:18:36 pm
The lantern must be fixed to see in the tunnel. You must find a way to plug the 4 holes. You have the means to fix it with what has been found. How are you going to fix it?
mf6/20/2004 4:36:55 pm
what are things that look like cigarettes and burnt sulfer snakes in the top of the toolbox?
sheep6/20/2004 4:43:45 pm
The small bits of wire won't work.....drip.....drip.
jobe6/20/2004 5:31:39 pm
use the broken bits of pencil? sharpen four of them to points and twist them carefully into each hole to plug them
sheep6/21/2004 4:49:58 am
Yes!!! The pencils!!! Let's try it.
this story6/21/2004 12:57:39 pm
should go on for 40 years