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- by sheep - 6/24/2004 - 3:54:41 pm
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sheep6/24/2004 3:57:36 pm
Humm.....Rat poison and floor wax. Don't see too much use for them? Now are we ready to see how deep the water is?
zorkiii6/24/2004 5:05:36 pm
yes! be sure to take the rope and put that piece of paper in your (our) pocket(s)

zorkiii6/24/2004 6:49:04 pm
can we type the classic text adventure command: inventory

what are we carrying / holding?
guest6/24/2004 8:23:23 pm
we should get down that sewer and check the depth!!
pfffff6/25/2004 11:00:19 am
was the poison on the paper to much for you to hadle?