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- by sheep - 6/26/2004 - 9:30:20 am
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sheep6/26/2004 9:30:43 am
What the!!!!!!!!!
zork6/26/2004 10:12:09 am
is this near the copy of the trentonian?
sheep6/26/2004 10:53:53 am
Could be?
sup6/26/2004 4:35:11 pm
alls I can see is the piece of wood that the kerosene was sitting on and the crumpled up whitish greenish thing in the closet.
sheep6/26/2004 4:56:24 pm
This clue is two parts. Don't look at it as one drawing. Pay attention to the colors, these items are hard to spot.
zorkiii6/26/2004 7:47:02 pm
shit, and i'm mostly color blind! someone else needs to find this, i just looked at the drawings for a long time and couldn't see it
bystander6/27/2004 12:17:32 am
This appears to be the key in the toolbox tray, and a corner of the girly magazine. We must have just passed these over... There appears to be a small note or something in a corner of the magazine.
sheep6/27/2004 5:53:04 am
Bystander, you the man!!!!! Excellent work!!! If you look carefully, you will see half the key in the first tool box tray picture, and 3/4's of the key in the second. The note in the girlie mag was very difficult to spot. Remember, If the time was taken to draw it, it probably means something. Would you like to try the key in "the" green door, read the note or jump in the water at the bottom of the pipe?
zorkiii6/27/2004 10:45:51 am
read the note, then try the door
bystander6/27/2004 11:53:59 am
I say we give the new key in the "green" door a shot...
Jessi7/13/2004 2:59:35 pm