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- by sheep - 7/2/2004 - 1:57:56 pm
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sheep7/2/2004 2:07:06 pm
You shine the light onto the box to your right and find some metal rods. There are three different diameters measuring from 1/4" to 1". You cannot carry too much more so you leave them alone for now. The cool night air fills the abandoned warehouse you're in. You're starting to get cold from all that wet clothing and need to dry off before continuing. How are you going to dry off?
dosgovdredgewell7/2/2004 5:55:09 pm
light the cardbopard boxes on fire and hold your clothes in front of them
sheep7/3/2004 7:35:48 am
That's a good start, but you're going to need a little more fire than that.
maer7/4/2004 1:32:38 pm
please check the door!
dosgovdredgewell7/4/2004 2:02:40 pm
yeah, go to the door and use the crowbar to pull off the wood trim around it
maer7/4/2004 4:18:06 pm
no that door is way back in the other area
dosgovdredgewell7/5/2004 2:47:10 am
no, there seems to be wood around the tourqouise door you want to check out. it may not be natural, but it is likely wood just the same. (COMPRESSED)
dosgovdredgewell7/5/2004 2:48:19 am
wait, what is in the far left corner of this room from the n-trance?
sheep7/5/2004 5:23:00 am
Hmmm, the far left corner. Looks like there's something over there. Let's see what that is.