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- by sheep - 7/5/2004 - 10:27:14 am
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sheep7/5/2004 10:30:32 am
You find a wood pallet in the corner and break it apart with the crowbar. That gives you plenty of heat to dry off. Do you want to go to the blue door now?
mf7/5/2004 12:16:01 pm
shouldnt we test all exit possibilities berfore drying off, just in case we have to go back down into the sewer? that would be a waste of time if we do.
sheep7/5/2004 1:50:32 pm
There are only 4 exits. 3 exits are large door openings that have been cement blocked over. You only have two options. Go back to the tunnel, or go to the blue door. You'll have to find a way to keep your clothes dry, and another way to dry off down the road.
zork7/8/2004 8:47:58 am
try the blue door
sheep7/8/2004 10:48:03 am
Ok, the blue door it is.