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- by sheep - 7/31/2004 - 7:46:20 pm
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sheep7/31/2004 7:47:47 pm
It worked! Now you can remove the wires. What is your next move after that?
zorkiii8/1/2004 11:44:51 pm
we need to remove the wires carefully, correct? watch out for that spider. . . can we make our way towards the doctors office now? or am i forgetting something?
sheep8/2/2004 12:14:08 pm
Using the stick by the light switch, you knock the spider away, then pull the stick from the socket. There are items in the closet that you need but it's dark, so there is more to do. Once the closet is explored, you're still not finished in this building. There is one other area/item that was overlooked, and an interesting challange. The challange will be to fabricate a weapon, one that can be used from a distance, and that can be assembled from the items you will find once you are done exploring. What is your next move?
zorkiii8/4/2004 12:07:04 am
i vote that we light the lantern again, using what i think is our last match. if there are items we need in this closet, and we need to assemble a weapon, than now is a good time. we can find ways to keep the fire going as we go along.
sheep8/4/2004 4:33:07 pm
Lighting the lantern is not only risky, due to the fact that fuel is still an issue, but there's an easier way. Refer to panel #63 for the answer you need. Don't over-think this one, it's simple.
bystander8/4/2004 4:57:32 pm
Look for the lightswitch in the room with the locker?
fm8/4/2004 6:39:04 pm
move the bench so it is under one of the two light bulbs in the ceiling. remove it and replace it in the closet..
sheep8/4/2004 8:05:56 pm
Of course! You need to remove one of the bulbs in the basement and transfer it to the closet. Using the bulb nearest the nailed door, you first wrap it with your shirt, then unscrew it. You now have light in the closet. Let's see what's inside. Good job!