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- by sheep - 8/6/2004 - 6:06:54 pm
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sheep8/6/2004 6:13:42 pm

Looks like the first box contains three smaller boxes of nuts. These might come in handy if you make it out of this old warehouse alive. But what could they be used for? Do you want to move on to the next box that's on the floor?
sup8/6/2004 7:33:36 pm
Surgical tubing and some sort of sturdy something we have to find in a Y shape.. slingshot! These nutz are totally a bunch of ammo (pointing at the boxes, not my crotch)
sheep8/7/2004 9:46:14 am
Excellent sup !!! Yes the weapon you will need to construct is a slingshot. The nuts will be your amunition. All the pieces and tools you need to construct it are located in the warehouse you are in. You are still missing one piece to complete it that was overlooked. Remember, sometimes you will be lead away from something that hasn't been completely explored. Do you want to go look at someplace you might have missed, or look in the box on the floor.
mf8/7/2004 11:37:09 am
finish this room completely first
mf8/7/2004 11:42:09 am
then check the bottom of the locker and the box that by the electrical box. i think i see a box or something also in the main room that was overlooked. maybe look at the tire as weel, may be something hiding in it
sheep8/7/2004 1:21:30 pm
You caught me mf. You were led away from the locker before the bottom was searched. The empty box and tire in the warehouse are unimportant unless something happens and you need fire. You now know all the locations or objects that could have been searched in this building. When this closet is finished, the bottom of the locker will be checked. Let's check the box on the floor now.