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sheep8/8/2004 7:33:01 pm
Looks like an old pair of leather boots are laying at the bottom of the locker. Could this be something you could use? Your search of the warehouse is complete. It's now time to build your weapon. You will need to do several things to construct your slingshot. First you need a frame, then find a way to attach the surgical tubing to the frame, and fabricate an amunition holder. How are you going to do this?
Tobes8/8/2004 11:16:47 pm
You can go back to where there was the 1/4-1 inch poles. You could grab two, and bend one into a V with the vice and hammer, maybe even double up the V if its too large. Then you could use another and make it a tight U and put the V in betweent he top and tie it in tight with the string thats on the top shelf of the locker... I think that would work... i think...
treestump8/9/2004 12:21:36 pm
the bank bag can be what the ammo can is held in?
treestump8/9/2004 12:22:52 pm
okay sorry that im a bit slow...this has already been done :/
Tobes8/9/2004 2:26:48 pm
As for the sling part, I think you could use the surgical tubing and tie it to the V shaped part, then use the electrical tape to make the "ammo holder"
treestump8/9/2004 4:31:25 pm
where do the boots fit in?
sheep8/9/2004 5:13:30 pm
Since you know the steel rods can be used for the frame, and the tubing for the "spring", I'm going to help you on the design. Were're going to use a wrist-rocket type design utilizing one of the 1/4" steel rods. The surgical tubing will slide over the ends of the rod after it's bent, so finding a way to hold the tube on will be your job. You will also need to figure out a better ammo holder. The tape might last a short time but something more durable is needed. Since a lot of people don't know what a wrist-rocket is, you need to know that there are two areas along the frame that will need to be padded. Figuring out what to use for the padding, and what to hold it down with, will be your job. Figure those three items out and we can start target practice.
sheep8/9/2004 5:14:33 pm
The boots? You'll figure it out.
mf8/9/2004 5:30:52 pm
i had the idea of the tounge of the boots for the ammo holder, but i could not figure out any way to cut it.
slam638/9/2004 5:41:43 pm
Wear the boots, or use some leather to make your slingshot. Presonally I'd use some kerosene vapor, piece of T-shirt for wadding, small nuts (the metal kind), 1/2" pipe with one end bent closed by the vise, then pierced with large nail, then nailed to random board as an improvised firearm (think about an potatoe gun that can maim.
sheep8/9/2004 6:25:26 pm
Yes, you need to remove a piece of leather from the boot. You have a razor from the pencil sharpener but not enough leverage to cut the leather. How are you going hold the razor and get more leverage? You also think about making a make-shift shotgun but the nails won't pierce the pipe.
slam638/9/2004 6:51:03 pm
Having some experience with wall locker, some metal edges can be sharp rub the boot tounge along this. Or, put the razor in the vice. On pierceing the metal pipe, you'll have to take turns with several nails to make an hole in it.
sheep8/9/2004 7:28:28 pm
Yes, you clamp the razor in the vise for leverage. You could also split the small piece of wood from the closet and wrap the razor between them with the string. Let's see how we do building the slingshot.PWFNP