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sheep8/27/2004 6:49:10 pm
Not long after entering the pipe you notice it seems to be angled slightly uphill. You travel some distance passing a few smaller pipes on your left and right until you come to a large junction. You're about 9 feet above the water level and there are no ladders to climb up or down. Below you are 3 large pipes almost filled with water and 3 large pipes at the same level you are standing. What are you going to do now?
yanbu8/27/2004 10:53:52 pm
it doesn't look too possible to get over there, should we backtrack to those smaller pipes we passed and check those out first?
yanbu8/28/2004 11:27:51 am
swing?? how bout we trow da rope to the pipes over yonder and swing and smash ourselves into the wall? are there pipes possilby in the middle or closer? i can't tell just how far away the west wall is . . the timing and length of rope, and amount of feet down from the tie point to swing at the right height would have to be taken into consideration, unless i'm missing something here .. . someone else has the answer i'm sure
sheep8/28/2004 12:42:31 pm
OOPS! Thought there was enough information to proceed. You need to know that the junction room is rectangular in shape and that the North and South pipes are centered on the North and South walls of the junction. The single large brown pipe is centered above the North/South pipes. The two smaller gray pipes are almost touching the western wall. That should help. Also remember you're above the water level and can unpack items you might need without them getting wet.
Tobey8/28/2004 5:26:52 pm
Well first find out how deep the water is with the rope and mop stick.
sheep8/28/2004 5:55:39 pm
You no longer have the mop. It was left behind in panel 53 and never retrived. It would probably be a good idea to stay out of the water because there are no ladders and the pipes are around 9 feet above the water level.
Tobey8/29/2004 1:21:59 pm
Can we grab the pipes and climb into one of the pipe on the side walls? Leaving behind the items unless we think of a way to take them along.
Tobey8/29/2004 1:22:47 pm
Let me rephrase that, Can we grab the pipes near the ceiling and climb into one of the tunnels on the side walls?