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sheep9/1/2004 5:26:14 pm
You manage to get you and your items over to the other side of the junction and follow the western pipe. You come to an underground waterway.....hmmm, must be part of the Delaware Raritan canal? It would be too far to swim out but if you had something to float on you could reach the opening. What would you like to do now?
yanbu9/3/2004 12:00:50 am
we can't possibly have anything in our possession to float on . . we can't swim it? hmmm . .
maybe9/3/2004 8:24:48 am
sheep9/3/2004 5:19:40 pm
Sorry, the tire will sink once weight is applyed. There were items you could use for floating out of the tunnel but they are long left behind. To go back and get them at this point, risking your lantern going black, could spell doom. It's up to you. Do you want to go way back and retrive these items, or go back to the last junction and take a different route?
mf9/3/2004 7:21:13 pm
different route
Tobey9/3/2004 7:28:20 pm
I want to take the risk...
sheep9/4/2004 8:42:34 am
Hmmm, gonna need another opinion for this one. One wants to go back and another says go a different route. If you do go back, you need to know what to go back for. If you decide to go a different way you need to figure out how to get all your items over to the North or South pipe in the last junction. Who wants to step up to the plate and make the final (or fatal) call?
yanbu9/4/2004 9:10:52 am
i say go back to the junction room and try to get to either the north or south tunnel. it looks like if we stand at the edge looking at the east tunnel entrance, right above are two pipes - seems like they'd be within arms reach, or at least a jump to reach. can we shimmy along the pipes to reach the north entrance?
sheep9/4/2004 10:39:17 am
Entering the Northern sewer pipe using the smaller pipes above might be your wisest move. If you decided to go back, you would've had to go back to the first basement to retrive the kerosene can and paint can, plug the kerosene can, open the paint can and empty it, remembered to bring the screwdriver, string and hammer, retrive the board from the sewer that the kerosene was sitting on, then attach the two cans to the bottom of the board with the string. Let's see what's down the Northern pipe.