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- by sheep - 9/6/2004 - 4:13:37 pm
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sheep9/6/2004 4:19:02 pm
As you round a curve in the pipe, you hear the sound of water running. The end of the pipe reaches the bank of the Delaware river and is also blocked with a grate. You can see it's a rocky area of the river so not many boats will pass by here. Do you want to take your chance and wait it out, or go back to the large junction and head south?
Tobey9/7/2004 1:20:26 pm
Well, if it were as simple as waiting it out... this would be no fun... so back to the junction and go south!
sheep9/7/2004 4:58:08 pm
Returning to the junction, you gather your items and make your way down the South pipe. PWFNP