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- by sheep - 9/17/2004 - 6:17:24 pm
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sheep9/17/2004 6:25:02 pm
The madman appears in the junction armed with a bloody knife. He follows the footprints over to the second pipe and sees the flashlight on the ground. He stops to investigate it, then shines his light down the pipe. Now is the perfect time to take a shot if you plan on causing some damage. You pull the slingshot back and aim for the middle if his head. Releasing, you hear the snap on the tubing, Then see the snap of his neck. You nailed him in the temple and he falls to the ground. He's still moving but is facing away from you. How do you want to proceed?
Tobey9/17/2004 9:10:10 pm
Yell something to him, see if he is awake, if so then ask him who he is, and tell him if he moves you will shoot again.
sheep9/19/2004 5:48:26 pm
You yell over to him not to move or you'll shoot again. He starts to rise and looks your way, you see the gash, blood pooring down his face. As he reaches for his flashlight and knife, you take another shot but miss. You yell another warning but it doesn't work. He's now to his feet and shines his light your way. You shoot again.....snap.....crack! PWFNP