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sheep9/25/2004 6:27:43 pm
Thank you for all the compliments! I'm having a great time creating the different drawings and text for the players. Although there is a basic plan, nothing's really planned too far in advance, and sometimes players give me ideas for creating different situations. Things could change in an instant my friends, so proceed carefully.....or escape! Yes, you have the ability to escape! Pannel 93 has the answer and you now have enough light. Are you going to be a girlie man and go home or see where the dead man came from?
twitchphysto9/26/2004 1:53:02 am
well I agree that Sheep rocks, and I vote that we don't try to escape (float our way out?) just yet; I wanna see more!
mf9/26/2004 11:39:00 am
yes. follow the bloody trail. wooooooooohhhhhhhohohohohoh (scary ghost sounds)
sheep9/26/2004 4:19:36 pm
With your flashlight, you know your way out but decide to investigate further. Before you enter the bloody pipe, you gather all your items except the lantern. You need to have the slingshot in one hand and the hobo stick in the other. How are you going to hold the flashlight? Remember, to shoot the slingshot, you need both hands and light.
twitchphysto9/26/2004 6:20:35 pm
could we use the electrical tape to strap the flashlight to our forearm? If you put it on the underside of your shooting arm, it could help with aiming the wrist-rocket too.
twitchphysto9/26/2004 6:23:25 pm
I have one of those slingshots right here and I think it would work unless the flashlight is really big and bulky.
sheep9/26/2004 6:49:49 pm
Excellent! You needed to attach the flashlight to yourself or the slingshot with the tape. Now if you need to shoot, you can throw your items down and have a hand free. You place 20 nuts in your front pocket before you enter the bloody pipe. Let's see where it leads.