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- by sheep - 9/27/2004 - 5:07:51 pm
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sheep9/27/2004 5:16:05 pm
You follow the bloody footprints to another junction that has a pipe going north (left) and one strait ahead. There are bloody footprints in both pipes from the dead man (?) so you need to decide what to do. You don't want to get lost now, so keep track of where you go.
twitchphysto9/27/2004 5:58:20 pm
i'm terrible with directions so i'll let someone else choose the way
Tobey9/28/2004 2:38:47 pm
Go strait, Im guessing thats where he was last.
sheep9/28/2004 3:44:40 pm
You decide to enter the pipe directly across from where you stand, keeping your ears open for any odd sounds.