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- by sheep - 9/28/2004 - 4:34:45 pm
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sheep9/28/2004 4:37:14 pm
Entering the junction, you can see the struggle the dead man put up trying to reach the ladder. Do you want to climb the ladder? If so how?
mf9/28/2004 7:00:11 pm
im a bit confused as to where we are in relation to the map a couple panels back. maybe go down the other pipe to see if there is something we could use to stand on. if we find something, go back and find out it is an exit to the outside, i say remember the location and explore some more.
twitchphysto9/29/2004 3:53:41 pm
i'll second that
sheep9/29/2004 4:17:26 pm
The map doesn't show the end of the pipe (this junction) you're in now, only the beginning of the pipe. If you look at panel 105, you will see a green rectangle on the bottom/left (south/west)corner. There's a small red X in the rectangle, that's where you started and your items were. You then entered the first pipe to the east, then strait through another junction to where you are now. The second pipe to the east contained the dead man. Hope that helps. Do you still want to turn around and go back to the junction?
mf9/29/2004 6:39:57 pm
OH, ok. duh. makey sensey now. yes, head for the other tunnel