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- by sheep - 9/30/2004 - 5:45:48 pm
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sheep9/30/2004 5:54:51 pm
Returning to the last junction, you enter the northern pipe. Following the bloody trail of footprints, you come to yet another junction. Looks like the dead man had entered both pipes at one time or another. With the amount of blood the dead man was loosing, you would think the entrance of the hospital basement would be nearby. What direction would you like to go?
mf9/30/2004 6:38:24 pm
i vote straight. the blue at the end is curious
sheep9/30/2004 6:58:50 pm
Ahh, you see the blue and want to investigate. Let's go strait.
twitchphysto10/1/2004 4:38:02 am
have that slingshot ready, smurfs are really hard to hit!
mf10/1/2004 9:04:16 am