Untitled - by sheep
- by sheep - 10/6/2004 - 4:47:11 pm
v1- by sheep - 10/6/2004 4:47:11 pm
sheep10/6/2004 4:54:35 pm
You enter another junction and notice a ladder coming down from an open pipe. Shining your light at the bottom, you notice some broken glass and a small amount of blood. Could this be the ladder that leads to the mental hospital? Is this where the dead man first cut his feet? He did say he was lost, so that might explain why he might have been here twice. Do you want to go up the ladder?
Tobey10/6/2004 5:25:20 pm
Yeah up the ladder we go.
yanbu10/6/2004 11:06:45 pm
i'd like to go up the ladder too
twitchphysto10/7/2004 1:28:01 am
anything's better than wandering around in circles down here.
sheep10/7/2004 7:14:40 am
Going up!