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- by sheep - 10/7/2004 - 6:39:28 pm
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sheep10/7/2004 6:42:20 pm
At the top of the ladder there's a dark damp room. There are several large drums and boxes thrown about. Is there anything of interest you want to check out?
twitchphysto10/8/2004 3:40:00 am
Well we can peek into most of the boxes that are open. I'm curios about the 2 closed ones and the open one on the shelf. Is there some kind of symbol on the drums?
mf10/8/2004 8:10:33 am
also after the box search, check what looks like a broom closet in the far left corner..
Tobey10/8/2004 1:16:11 pm
After the closet, check out the service elevator? or door to the right back corner
kix10/8/2004 5:23:18 pm
go down again
yanbu10/14/2004 3:16:13 pm
more! more!
mf10/14/2004 5:27:18 pm
yeah, what gives!
twitchphysto10/15/2004 3:05:43 am
Yeah Yeah!
sheep10/15/2004 10:55:23 am
Was working on the band drawings.....will continue soon.
sheep10/15/2004 4:32:32 pm
You scan the room and decide to check out the drums and boxes first, then the small room at the far end. Let's start with the drums.