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sheep5/25/2005 11:37:33 am
You decide to try the vent going to the left. Trying your best not to make too much noise, you make your way to another opening. As you look between the slats, you can see a set of stairs going up and another set of elevator doors. Suddenly someone appears before you and runs half way up the stairs and stops. He yells out for someone to come quick and that the intruder has struck again. You hide in silence as someone meets him on the stairs. You listen closely as he explains to his partner that the intruder has entered the ventilation system from one of the offices on this floor and that he's badly burned one of them. His partner ask which office it is and tells him to go back there and wait for him so he can round up more people. They split up with one going back up the stairs while the other heads down the hall to your left. If you wait here too long you might be trapped. Do you want to kick out this vent, hurry back to the junction and head another way, go back to the junction and set another fire trap, or just wait here to see if more people go by?
Twitchy5/25/2005 6:55:59 pm
I think we better get out of this vent. These guys have numbers and they know this area. They could trap us in here and we'd never be able to fight our way out.
the boy5/25/2005 8:05:20 pm
get out of the vent as quietly as possible. people in the movies always pop these vents quietly out with their hands. and i want to see what it says on that floor sign(administration, etc...). Must find the doctor's office!!!!!