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- by sheep - 6/3/2005 - 11:31:05 am
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sheep6/3/2005 11:54:28 am
Figuring that it would be best to hide, you open the cabinet on your right to seek cover. There's plenty of room on the bottom shelf where the reflex hammer is to be hidden once you close the doors. You climb in and grab the bottoms of the doors and pull them shut just as the door to the office opens. It sounds like two or more people walk in pushing something heavy on wheels. You hold your breath as the beads of sweat roll from your face praying they don't open the cabinet. One of them says to another to move the ladder over and to pull him up while I push from the bottom. Pull, pull, you hear him shout before you hear him say to open it. It's then that you hear a strange noise coming from outside the cabinet. Get him in, you hear him say, then the noise is heard again. You now lay in complete silence wondering what the hell just happened. It sounds as if there's nobody in the room anymore. Do you want to take a peek to see if you can figure out what just happened?
kix6/3/2005 1:42:22 pm
i say wait one more minute take a peek. dont forget to take the alcohol. it might be useful cause its inflammable!