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- by sheep - 6/5/2005 - 11:38:07 am
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sheep6/5/2005 11:48:32 am
You come out of the cabinet and look upstairs to where the bookshelves are. Everything looks the same up there as it did when you entered the room. There must be another way out, so you climb the ladder to take a closer look. In front of the one bookcase is another piece of burnt cloth and more tiny bits of ash. They must of went behind it somehow but you don't know how. You grab the one end and pull and it doesn't budge. You then try the other side with the same results. What gives?
mf6/5/2005 12:39:32 pm
move the big fat oxblood colored book. i can see me a switch next to it
mf6/5/2005 12:40:19 pm
oh, and either have arrow with sterno and lighter ready, or ol' trusty sling shot and some ammo
sheep6/5/2005 1:06:41 pm
You move the large book over that's on the left side of the top shelf and find a button. This must be the button that the two pieces of paper you found before is refering to. It must of said "There is a secret button upstairs in Dr. Thomas's office". Let's see what happens.