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- by sheep - 6/10/2005 - 10:59:25 am
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sheep6/10/2005 11:19:44 am
As you pull the door open, you can hear some type of motor running and see an empty elevator shaft with heavy steel cables moving. It startles you as an elevator without doors starts to appear. You jump back not knowing if someone's inside and feel relieved when it's empty. Stepping inside, you can see evidence on the floor from the burned man and a set of buttons on the wall. You've come this far to give up now so you hit the down button and stand in the back of the elevator. It's then that you realize that you forgot to bring the alcohol so you grab your crowbar and stand ready to battle. As the elevator comes to a stop, you wait in silence for someone to approach you but nobody does. You feel that luck was on your side and you could have easily been killed once the elevator stopped. You notice a door across the hall with a steel bars on the front and wonder what could be inside. Streaching your neck out as far as it will go, you take a look down both sides of the hall to see if anyone's around. All seems quite for now. Do you want to investigate the door with the bars, go back up, go down the hallway to your right, or down the hall left?
Twitchy6/10/2005 7:40:22 pm
Lets grab that key. Always good to have a key. Then look through the bars.