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Meanwhile back home, your mother is wondering why you haven't come down for breakfast yet. She goes up to your room and discovers that you're not there and the window is wide open. She calls out your name but there's no answer, so she runs over to the window and peers out into the street. Again she calls out your name as she pans the area outside your window. You're nowhere in sight so she rushes to the phone and calls the police. The police ask her how long you've been missing to which she replys that the last time she saw you was around 6:30 last night. The police ask for a discription then tell her they will keep their eyes out for anyone matching that description but she'll have to wait until 6:30 tonight to file a missing persons report. She thanks them and hangs up the phone then dials your best friend. His father answers and she explains the situation, so he puts his son on the line. After hearing her pleas for help, he tells her that he hasn't seen or talked to you since two days ago and has no idea where you are. As she hangs up the phone, she can't help but fear the worst. The streets are not a place for a young man to be. She thinks about the rampant crime that chokes the life from the city. The gangs that have taken charge of entire city blocks. She sinks down in a chair and cries hoping to see you alive again.
sheep6/20/2005 10:07:45 am
Hint for missing item(s); You don't know how long the sleep bombs will work for. Do you want them to be able to chase you again?
kix6/21/2005 12:09:50 am
what about the tape and the phone cable?
we could bound(?) their hands and feet togehter when they sleep!!
sheep6/21/2005 1:52:05 am
Yes, the tape! You can use it to tie up the sleeping attackers. Might as well take the phone cord too. You are now ready to take apart the ladder then go back downstairs.