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sheep6/23/2005 12:04:14 pm
You light one of your alcohol bombs and throw it at the attackers. The one nearest you see you throw it and yells "duck". It impacts the floor and sprays fire behind the cabinet they were pushing. The three attackers decide to run out of the door to safety but you're one step ahead of them and toss a lit ether bomb in their path. It explodes with a loud bang and engulfs all three of them in fire. They fall to the ground and try to roll the flames out but it's no use. One by one they become motionless as the ether burns itself out. From where you stand it's hard to tell if they are alive but you can be certain they are no longer a threat. The room fills with smoke and the stench of their burnt bodies as the last trickle of fire from the alcohol subsides. It's now time to go back to the hidden basement. You have too much to carry so you must leave most of it behind. Once you free the captives from their cells you can return to the office to retrieve the rest. You can bring five items with you now. What five items are you going to bring with you to assure your success in releasing the captives?
kix6/28/2005 8:37:25 pm
i think we should bring a club and a bomb for both of the prisoners. maybe we could take some tape with us too