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- by sheep - 7/6/2005 - 3:15:15 am
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sheep7/6/2005 3:27:15 am
You gather two clubs and two bombs along with the tape and enter the elevator. Reaching the basement, you grab the key and open the door to the room where all the prisoners are held. As you approach the first door on your left again, one of the prisoners rushes up to the window. He tells you that their food hasn't come yet and that they must of been a little off on the time since they have no clock. It's then that you hear some footsteps coming from the hall outside. You try to unlock their door but it's too late. A man appears in the doorway and yells out to you "hey, what the hell are you doing in here!". You raise one of the clubs to defend yourself and he turns to run away. Do you want to try and stop him, unlock the cell door, or go back upstairs?
mf7/7/2005 3:15:57 am
arg, this is a toughy....

hmmmmmmm...im thinkin, jump at him real quick, bash him in the head then drag his sorry ass back into the cell room, then quickly open the doors.
kix7/7/2005 3:47:57 pm
yeah! the fast and rough way!!