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- by sheep - 7/30/2005 - 4:06:56 am
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sheep7/30/2005 4:29:00 am
With the two prisoners on either side of the door, you position yourself directly in front. As the doors slide open, you throw the sleep bomb onto the floor shattering the glass tube. They look at each other as they start to raise their knives, then look back in your direction. One of the men in the elevator says to you "you're dead" as his eyes start to droop. The one drops his knife followed by the other as they fall back onto the ground. They are both out cold so you instruct the prisoners to hold their breath and drag them into the unlocked cell. You tape them up then position each captive onto a bed to make them look like the prisoners, then roll the food cart inside. You remove the shirt from the dead man and hide him behind the far end of one of the beds. You tell one of the prisoners to go out into the hall and clean up the mess as best as he can with the shirt. It might take some time for the ether fumes to dissapate from the elevator so you have a few minutes to kill. Do you want to eat something now, use the food to feed the other prisoners, use the elevator now and just hold your breath, or figure out a way to get rid of the ether fumes now?
Tobes8/10/2005 11:28:34 am
Seems to be a lot of food there on the cart, not enough for everyone? See if any of the prisnors could give you some... then take a look around to see if we can figure out this fume problem.
??/8/11/2005 2:40:47 am
what happened to everyone?
mez8/11/2005 9:15:48 pm
i have no idea how to get rid of the ether fumes. i say get the food to the prisoners and take some time to eat yourself. if the elevator doors stay open, then the ether will dissipate, and the three of you can ride the elevator to get more weapons.
sheep8/12/2005 4:12:46 am
Getting something to eat for yourself and the other prisoners is a good idea. You remove a little food out of each tray for yourself and have the released prisoners help you distribute the rest to the others. When you get to the end of the cellroom hall, you notice another key hanging on the wall. It must be the key for the door that leads to the cells that they keep the females in. Do you want to enter the door to see what's on the other side or just go back upstairs since the ether has probably disapated by now?