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sheep8/27/2005 7:52:08 pm
The three of you go back upstairs and retrieve all the weapons that you gathered in the doctors office. When you return downstairs, you lay everything you have to battle with onto the food cart. You now have over 21 weapons to use and 21 people to arm. Taking inventory, you see that you have 2 knives, a slingshot with a bag of nuts, a hammer, crowbar, stabber, 2 sternos, tape, bow and 2 arrows, 4 table legs, 5 ladder rungs, a chair base, 4 pieces of the ladders sides and a box with 7 ether bombs, 11 fire bombs, two test tubes with ether soaked gauze and a lighter. You now need to release the other prisoners, arm them, then make a plan of attack. You will also need to decide what weapon(s) you'd like to keep for yourself. What weapon(s) do you want to keep for yourself and what is your plan of attack?
??/8/27/2005 8:33:52 pm
i'm up for keeping the slingshot...it has never failed us...or maybe the crow-bar...hmmm...
yanbu8/28/2005 8:37:29 am
i think the two test tubes and a few ether/fire bombs should go with our guy, and maybe a close range wepaon like the crowbar. long range stuff should be in his posession i would think, and arm the dudes set free with the rest. plan of attack . . . ?
??/8/29/2005 5:21:42 pm
hmm..plan of attack..would anyone else like to march with an fury of 200 shrews?
sheep8/30/2005 1:34:26 am
You decide to keep the slingshot, crowbar and a few of both kinds of bombs. You now need a plan of attack. Would you like to ask any of the prisoners if they know some of the layout of the basement?
kjix8/30/2005 2:37:43 am
jep , sounds good