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Using one of the ladder rungs, you wrap a pillowcase around it to see if that would work for a torch so the other groups can light the fire bombs. At first it looks like that will work but then the fire burned too fast and consumes the pillowcase down to a smoldering pile of ash. If only you had something to slow the burn down so that the pillowcase won't burn away so fast. Do you have such an item? If so, what is it?
boo!9/21/2005 5:39:45 pm
sheep9/23/2005 1:41:14 am
Yes, the sternos! You are now ready to begin the battles. The two prisoners you released first will be in charge of two of the groups, and you will be in charge of the other. In what direction do you want your group to go?
moheevi9/25/2005 3:44:07 am
left, definitely wapner
sheep9/26/2005 2:35:19 am
Your group decides to go left twords the electrical room while the other groups head down the hall to the right. Before you go, you light their sterno torches and instruct them to try and capture Dr. Thomas alive. One of the prisoners in the other groups protest your plan to take the Dr. alive and grows agitated with you. The two prisoners you released first pull him aside and try to calm him down. They assure him that this will all be over soon and that the Dr. will be more valuble alive then dead. He reluctantly agrees and returns to his group to start the attack. You have a bad feeling that this might not work as planned but you have no choice but to separate into groups to get the job done. On the count of three, all three groups enter the hall with two going right and your group left. As you are entering the electrical room you take a quick glance back and see one group enter the door just down the hall and the others charging the door at the end. The sound of muffled voices echos out from the first door to the right as you start to scan the electrical room. Let's see whats inside this room.