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- by sheep - 9/26/2005 - 4:26:50 am
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sheep9/26/2005 4:31:01 am
There's not much in here except several electrical breaker panels. Do you want to do anything to the electrical panels or turn around and see what's going on in the other rooms where the rest of the prisoners went?
boo!9/29/2005 8:29:52 pm
we could turn everything off...
but that could give us more trouble that it's worth...i suppose we could take a look...
sheep10/1/2005 3:31:36 am
Take a look at the panels or what the others are doing?
boo!10/1/2005 3:43:21 am
what are the others doing?
The angry flagman10/1/2005 7:36:32 pm
The guy with the knife could use some Rogain.
sheep10/3/2005 2:14:47 am
Ok, let's go see what the others are doing. Or we could go back up the elevator and see if we can find that Rogain that's needed for the man with the knife.
kix10/3/2005 5:51:46 am
lol. lets go on