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sheep10/4/2005 1:19:25 am
You leave the electrical room and head down the hall to the specimen room. As you approach the door you can smell smoke and hear no noise. When you enter you are greeted by the sight of blood splattered everywhere and several people that appear dead laying on the floor. There's broken pieces of glass and other debris scattered among the bodies. On closer inspection, you see several small fetuses also strewn about including one resting on a table with two heads. A fire burns in the corner where a few boxes are stacked that is starting to spread to the shelf nearby. The others in your group check out the bodies and tell you that the dead ones are all workers except one who was a prisoner. There is no sign of the doctor here so you need to decide what to do next. Do yo want to put out the fire, search for something useful or go down the hall to the next door?
boo!10/4/2005 7:59:31 pm
Nicely done, sir....very well.
someone else lead..please..
kix10/5/2005 9:51:58 pm
lets pt down the fire and look for someting useful.
i like he two-headed fetus on the table
sheep10/6/2005 2:06:56 am
You decide to put the fire out then take a quick look around to see if you can find something useful. Looking around for a fire extinguisher, you see none available in this room. You then instruct a few of the prisoners to try and beat down the fire with their clubs as you take a look inside the refrigerator. Let's see what's inside.