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sheep11/14/2005 4:58:44 am
You take aim with your slingshot at the man standing nearest you with the club. You release the pouch and the nut strikes the man in the corner of his eye. As he falls to the ground, one of the prisoners rushes him and finishes him off with several blows to the head with his club. Another prisoner rushes the second man and scalps him with the crowbar sending flesh and blood splattering in all directions. The man with the knife lets out a yell and raises the knife overhead as he charges you. Just then, a flaming test tube flies by you and impacts his head, engulfing him in fire. The remaining man with the knife starts to retreat down the hall to the door at the far end. Two more flaming test tubes fly past you and burst upon the floor nearly missing the escaping man. As several of the prisoners give pursuit, one of them stops suddenly. He hears one of the downed prisoners trying to say something. He kneels over the dying prisoner and hears him whispering "the doctor, the doctor went in there" pointing to the closed door on the left. The smoke is getting dangerously thick and you don't have much more time. Do you want to look in the door, go and save the females, go back to the elevator or see what's at the far end of the hall behind the door?
boo!11/14/2005 7:41:51 pm
send someone to save the women..one or two guys,depending on how many we have with us...but...get the doctor!
moheevi11/15/2005 4:13:28 am
everyone needs to cooooooool out! the women needs some saving fellas, have we ever seen the doc before...I don't recall anything. Probably safe to see the doc first since we want to know what's going on.
yanbu11/16/2005 2:42:43 am
yes i think we, i or you (our hero) should go check where the doctor is, and the others to tend to the ladies
sheep11/17/2005 3:55:29 am
With the basement quickly filling with smoke, you start to worry about the females that are locked up. You tell a couple of the prisoners to go back and save them before it's too late. You keep a couple more with you in case you run into any trouble searching for the doctor behind the door to your left. Let's see if we can find the doctor behind the door.