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While you go to investigate the missing tile, upstairs the fire department breaks down the door to the reception area and enters the hospital. Dozens of firefighters enter the building and start to look for the source of the fire. Some search the ground floor while others take the stairs to the basement and the upper floors. Then a call comes over the radio from one of them that is searching the basement. " Captin! I've found a body in the basement! He appears to be beaten to death! There also seems to be traces of smoke drifting in the air. Send more men down to the basement." The captin redirects several more men to the basement just as another call comes over the radio. " Captin! There's more bodies down here and they also look beaten to death! I don't see the source of the fire yet. Tell those other guys to hurry!" While all this is happening upstairs, you direct one of the prisoners to look up inside the ceiling. Let's see what's up there.