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Back at the prison cells, the last cell door is opened and an elderly woman is inside. She stares at the wall as the male prisoner enters, never turning to see who it is. He says to her "come on, we're here to save you" but she doesn't move. He approaches her and takes her hand and repeats his words and she still doesn't move. It's then that he remembers who she is. It's the doctors assistant Glenda. All those years locked up in the basement working for the evil doctor has taken a toll on her mind. He pleads for her to come with him but it's no use. He calls down the hall for another prisoner to come and assist him to carry her out. As they try and lift her she starts to kick and scream breaking the grip they have on her. She falls back, striking her head on the concrete floor knocking her out. The one prisoner gets an idea and goes and retrieves the gurney. They load her onto the gurney and roll her to the end of the hall where all the other females are waiting. The smoke in the main hallway is now thicker than ever. Crouching as low as they can, they make their way to the door that leads to where the doctors office is and bunk room. They open the door and see the hallway is completely engulfed in flames. There's no way out for them this way. Quickly, they all return to where the elevator is and load the gurney and two other females inside. Before pushing the button, they give them instructions to wait in the office upstairs until everyone has left the basement. It will take several trips to get everybody out of the basement. Just hope the fire doesn't consume them before then.