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You run up to the two men in the tunnel with your weapons at the ready. They both turn and face you as you now stand just a few feet away. One of them is carring a knife and he raises it up to defend themselves. One of the prisoners yells out "It's the doctor and his sidekick Ed! Be careful, he's a master with a knife." You take a step back and the two prisoners step in front of you to protect you from any harm. Ed goes into a verbal rampage saying that we're all going to pay for what we've done. There's no fear in his eyes as he starts to wave the knife in front of him in a metalic blur. "Come on" Ed says "See if hit me before I slash your throat." Ed hands the flashlight to the doctor and tells him to go to the ladder and wait for him. Are you going to let the doctor get away? Do you think that the three of you can take down Ed "The Blade"? What are you going to do?