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You quickly load your slingshot and fire off a round. The shot hits Ed in the upper chest area causing him to let out a grunt. He looks surprised to see that he's been shot and for a brief moment lets down his guard. You load another shot into the slingshot and take steady aim for his throat. You release your fingers from the grip on the pouch that holds your next shot. The nut makes a buzzing noise as it flies through the air and impacts the left side of his throat penetrating his flesh with a splatter of blood. He lets out a reflective cough, then blood spills from his mouth. His eyes go blank as his body starts to lean forward. He impacts the dirt floor of the tunnel face first, never trying to break his fall. The prisoners turn around and face you with a look of amazement on their faces but you look past them down into tunnel and see that the doctor has turned around to see what had happened. He starts to run away as the light from his flashlight grows more distant. One of the prisoners pokes Ed with the crowbar to see if he moves but he doesn't. Then without hesitation, lifts the crowbar above his head and brings it down with all his might against Ed's skull. He picks up the knife that Ed dropped and yells out "let's go get that scumbag doctor and give him some of the same". The three of you start to run in the doctors direction, closing in on him in no time. You're about 50 feet behind him when he suddenly stops. You see him reach for something sticking out from the side of the tunnel. Then without warning, a loud crash is heard and the tunnel where the doctor just stood goes black. "What was that" you say to the others. "Where did he go"? You reach the point where the doctor disappeared and can't believe your eyes. Let's take a look at what they see.