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- by sheep - 2/11/2006 - 12:30:05 pm
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sheep2/11/2006 12:47:06 pm
Meanwhile, the last of the women are safely removed from the basement and are gathered in the doctors old office. There's a fine cloud of smoke filling the upper floors of the hospital so they need to find their way downstairs. The men lead them out into the hall to the stairway that leads to the lobby. The stairs look safe so they begin their escape from the hosipital.
McRiblets2/20/2006 5:57:01 pm
can they see any wall-planted laser-trip-wire mines from where they are situated?
yanbu3/6/2006 7:50:17 pm
is it possible to burn the door through? i'm not sure what to do next, possibly pry at the center with the crowbar
sheep3/7/2006 2:08:00 pm
Hmmm, burn the door down. The torch alone won't do it but if we add a little something to the mix that might work.
ethermonkey3/11/2006 7:19:11 pm
books as kindling and smashed bookcase as fuel!
yanbu3/12/2006 12:24:43 pm
did we use the fire bomb yet? if not i think that's somethin to try at the door
sheep3/13/2006 1:04:36 pm
Yes, we have a fire bomb. Let's try and burn that sucker down!
moheevi3/15/2006 1:41:10 pm
just remember whose idea it was to burn the door down....the more you know (duh nah nuh nuhhhh)